Galvanic Currents - Disincrustation - Iontophoresis

1 Day Facial Galvanic

1 Day Facial Galvanic

Facial Galvanic

Facial Galvanic treatments can be used on all types of skin to remove impurities or introduce products deeper in the skin layers (ionto phoresis).

Galvanic current ionises the skin – called desincrustation – and allows it to relax enabling the therapist to safely extract blackheads and blocked pores. Galvanic current can also be used to calm and tone the skin when necessary leaving the client with smooth, clean and firm tissue known as phoresis.


  • Relevant Anatomy & Physiology
  • Benefits of desincrustation
  • Benefits of ionto phoresis
  • Effects of Galvanic ionisation
  • Skin facial treatment plans
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Theory and practical use
  • Ampule and Ionised products
  • Aftercare and hygiene


1 Day


A previous qualification is required in Skincare / Facial – Stage 1 and 2 (or a medical equivalent) is required.

Practical Work:

All products, equipment and models are provided for you.

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