Viennese Massage

1 Day High-Frequency

1 Day High-Frequency

Facial High Frequency

We use this very versatile piece of equipment which uses high frequency currents to help the skin in many ways. The current is delivered to the skin surface via glass electrodes – this is known as Direct High Frequency. It traps ozone on the skin and, due to it’s germicidal action, is very efficient at treating problem skins and acne.

The high frequency current can also be used in conjunction with a Viennese massage – known as Indirect High Frequency, which is beneficial to dry and dehydrated skin. Both types of facial treatments will be taught in the course.


  • Relevant Anatomy & Physiology
  • Benefits of direct high-frequency treatments
  • Benefits ofindirect high-frequency treatments
  • Effect of high-frequency current on skin
  • Treatment procedure and practical application
  • Skin analysis and treatment plan
  • Selection of glass electrodes for use
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Aftercare and hygiene


1 Day


A previous qualification is required in Skincare / Facial – Stage 1 and 2 (or a medical equivalent) is required.

Practical Work:

All products, equipment and models are provided for you.

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