Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Electrolysis - Thermology

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Electrolysis - Thermology: Course Cost £595

We are a centre of excellence in the training of thread vein and red vein, skin tags and seborrheic warts on the skin. Our expertise and experience will ensure your competence in these skillful and satisfying procedures. Cautery – using short-wave diathermy – is applied to the skin in a variety of ways to succesfully remove unwanted blemishes.

Our Advanced Electrolysis courses are for qualified electrologists (minimum 3 years), medical professionals, dermatologists and laser therapists.

Models with various skin problems are available for you to practice on during the course and we only allow a maximum of four students in each group thus ensuring complete success and satisfaction in all aspects of the treatment.


  • Analysis of skin condition
  • Understanding the treatment procedure
  • How cautery works
  • Local anaesthesia treatment
  • Causes of telangiectasia and lesions
  • Treatment of face and body conditions
  • Removal of veins and lesions
  • Consultation procedures and client handling
  • Hygiene, sterilisation and special precautions
  • Pre and post care advice
  • Salon/Clinic procedure
  • Marketing, costings and timings of treatments


1 Day


A previous qualification is required in electrolysis - min. 3 years, laser or have a medical equivalent for insurance purposes.

Practical Work:

All products, equipment and models are provided for you.

All course prices are listed in our Prospectus found here.