Brow Specialist with Threading

This comprehensive Brow Specialist course teaches you how to create the perfect brow shape for your clinet using a combination of the following techniques:

Measuring the brow and consulting your clinet to achieve the most suitable outcome for them. You will learn how to add colour with brow tint for definition,perform brow shaping and arch creation with the use of correcive techniques use hot wax, threading, tweezing and trimming to get the perfect shape. Finish the brows with the use of brow stencilling, powders, pencils to create the perfect brow.

1 Day Brow Specialist

1 Day Brow Specialist

Brow Specialist 1 Day Course:

Couse Cost £219

This course gives instruction in complete services to get the perfect brow shape for your client. You will learn how to select and measure the brow and advise on corrective treatments to suit both male and female clients.You will learn how to define the brows, add colour and depth to suit each client depending on their colouring and requirements by selecting and applying brow tint, combine hot wax techniques, tweezing and threading to get the perfect result. You will further enhance the finished look with various powders and pencils, and use of stencils to give your client those perfect brows. In progression or in conjunction with this course you could train in EyeLash Tinting, Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions, Lash Lift or maybe you'd like to do the 2 day Professional Makeup Course.




  • Health and safety
  • Tools and equipment for brows
  • Measuring the brow and corrective techniques
  • Hair removal techniques and comparisons
  • History of threading
  • Different methods of threading
  • Tweezing and trimming methods
  • Hot waxing techniques
  • Patch testing
  • Brow Tinting and staining methods
  • Use of powders and pencils and stencils to enhance brows
  • Demonstration on techniques
  • Practice on models
  • Aftercare and further treatment advice



1 Day



No previous experience required.

You will be required to wear a beauty tunic or plain black T shirt, smart black trousers and smart comfortable footwear. No trainers allowed. Long hair needs to be tied back and nails must be a suitable length to avoid injury to your client.


Practical Work:

All products, equipment, training manual and models are provided throughout. Some threading practice on class members or self during the day may be required.


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