Level 3 - Facial Electrical

These Advanced Facial training courses are for qualified therapists who wish to expand their capabilities in the treatment of all skin issues and perform corrective skin therapies.

Expand your salon treatments with electrical equipment that really works:-

  • to help the skin rejuvinate
  • eliminate fine lines
  • introduce ampoules and serums to the deeper tissues
  • help rid the skin of uneven surface roughness
  • help open pores to remove blackhead and milia succesfully
  • encourage skin regeneration and lymphatic drainage
  • heal pustules
  • lift, firm and contour the face

Electrical facials are treatments that feel good to your client and that you can really see working on the skin.

We will advise you of the best treatment timings, costings and, where a course of treatments is recommended, their benefits, application and marketing.

All four items of equipment can be learnt seperately and is particularly useful if you already have equipment or are thinking of expanding into this area of skin treatment.

Our training staff are very experienced in all types of facial equipment and we are happy to advise which machine might be best for the area of facial treatment you wish to pursue and which would be the most beneficial and profitable.

If you wish to learn or offer all these treatments you can qualify in all four elements of Facial Electrical treatments .

Please note: If you are wanting to progress onto L4 courses please check with the provider if they accept accredited courses, as some may require an NVQ L3 qualification,,

We use the very best professional equipment by Carlton, but if you would like to learn on your own equipment, this can be arranged.