Nail Art

This is a fun and popular treatment to offer your clients. It can be used to enhance extensions or natural nails - choose from glitter, striping tapes, gem stones, trinket and diamanté inlays - to dotting and striping and animal prints. Create new, imaginative designs using brushes and specialist art tools.

1/2 Day Nail Art - Beginner

1/2 Day Nail Art - Beginner

Nail Art - Gel and Varnish - 1/2 Day Course: Course Cost £99

An easy and enjoyable way to learn about the application of gel polish and nail varnish to perform all types of nail art designs. We use gel polish and top coats to secure a large range of designs onto nails – holding them in place for up to three weeks.

You will work in small groups and apply designs to nail tips. Our comprehensive back-up training notes and your applied designs will give you lots of ideas for nail art. Learn to marble colours and drag colours together to create fabulous designs. There will be glitter work, trinket and transfer applications, tie-dye and sponging effects and many, more ideas. Most importantly you will know about all the application methods and associated impliments to recreate any new design you see.


  • Application methods with gel and varnish
  • Diamante, beads and trinkets
  • Tie-dye, sponging and hombré
  • Animal prints: leopard, tiger, zebra etc.
  • Daisy, flower and dotting tool work
  • Hearts, paw prints and bows
  • Marketing ideas and aftercare



½ Day


No previous experience required but knowledge of gel polish application is an advantage.

Practical Work:

All products and equipment are provided for you – no models are required as all practical work is completed on plastic nail tips that can be taken home with you to help build your portfolio.