Nail Extensions

Our two day Nail Technician course includes the most popular systems of UV Gel and Acrylic. Systems covered include UV Gel nails, nail tip extensions (party tips), french tips, powder and monomer acrylic nails and sculptured foil nails. A one day course is also available in each individual system.

Nail Extensions - UV Gel & Acrylic

Nail Extensions - UV Gel & Acrylic

2 day Nail Technicians Course (UV and Acrylic Extensions): Course Cost £329

1 day UV Gel Nail Extensions: Cost Alone £179

1 day Acrylic Extensions: Cost Alone £179

This is a comprehensive two day course covering all aspects of extension nail application. You will apply natural looking tips and learn how to blend them into the natural nail to create a party tip extension. This is overlaid for strength with a hard gel and dried under UV or LED lamps. You will also apply white french tips with acrylic to strengthen.

This course will qualify you as a nail technician working with both gel and acrylic extension methods and will give a solid background in all nail application methods.

Content: 1 Day - UV Gel Nails

  • Structure and function of nails
  • Natural and party tip application
  • Tip selection and blending
  • Overlaying with UV Hard Gel
  • Contra-indications and hygiene
  • Critical aspects of nail extensions
  • Filing, shaping and finishing nails
  • Client aftercare
  • Infill methods and advice

Content: 1 Day - Acrylic Nails

  • Structure and function of nails
  • White tip – French nail application
  • Tip selection and blending
  • Acrylic blending and application
  • Knowledge of sculpturing nails
  • Knowledge of fibre glass and silk method
  • Maintenance of acrylic nails
  • Filing, shaping and finishing nails
  • Aftercare and repairs
  • Infill methods with acrylic


2 Days – All systems

1 Day - Choose 1 system UV Gel or Acrylic

½ Day Refresher – any system


No previous knowledge required but knowledge of manicure is advantageous.

Practical Work:

All products, comprehensive course notes and models for practice will be provided for you throughout.

Each of these modules can be taken separately. The 1 day UV Gel nail course is for complete beginners and can be undertaken by students with or without manicure experience, although this would be an advantage. The 1 day Acrylic nail course can be undertaken by those with some nail background – either in manicure or gel nails – please ask at time of booking.

We recommend that technicians wishing to offer Acrylic type nail will benefit from the two day Technicians course.

½ Day intensive one to one courses are also available for students with some nail background and for those wishing to update their current skill levels or who wish to book on days of their choice.