Ensuring the highest level of expertise in treatments for the skin and the training of Advanced Electrolysis to students is our expert Merriel Tiffen.

With over 25 years of experience in vein, mole, tag and lesion removal Merriel offers a full range of treatments in aesthetic skin lesion and thread vein removal. Treatments are available at her regular clinics and our training courses are held on a monthly basis.

We hold recognised certified diploma courses for Electrologists, Nurses and Doctors and the medically qualified. Recognised as an international expert in skin lesion treatment Merriel has held courses all over the world.

If you have a skin problem, from milia and seborrheics to moles, warts and skin tags, we will give you a free consultation and a treatment plan.

Our treatments range from £89 to £125 for 30 minutes. We will endeavour to succesfully remove all possible lesions in this time.

We are happy to discuss any problems you have over the phone to ensure any prior requirements are met and that your treatment is comfortable and successful.

Call 0115 981 8317 to discuss your treatment further.