Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis - mole, skin tag, cyst and lesion removal
Advanced Electrolysis - mole, skin tag, cyst and lesion removal

We are pleased to offer the quick and efficient method of advanced electrolysis to remove many lesions and overgrowths from any area of the face or body.

We give a free consultation to ascertain and diagnose the skin problem which, if it can be succesfully treated, will be removed at the next available treatment time.

If the condition needs a doctor's agreement you would be asked to bring this with you before treatment can proceed. This is only necessary when we treat long-established conditions. Most do not need your doctor's permission and you will be advised at your consultation.

We will be able to remove the following:--

Seborrheic warts
Benign skin growths
Sebaceous cysts
Hair-based cysts and lumps

If there is something on your skin which is annoying you or looks unsightly let our expert analyse and treat it for you. Provided you follow our aftercare advice the results can be amazing.


£89 for a 30 minute face and body treatment £125 for a 30 minute intimate areas treatment

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