Facial Corrective Treatment

Facial Corrective Treatment

Our expert skin facial therapist at Cosmetic Consultants offers a few but intense treatments to clients with skin problems.

We aim to help all skin types, from younger problems to dryer mature, with specialist facials that treat the condition giving a long term correction. Supportive ongoing advice and a home treatment plan is also given.

Our facials will include extraction of blackheads and milia where needed. We use a variety of treatment methods usually starting with a deep cleanse and skin analysis. We can then continue with the most appropriate facial corrective method and select products and equipment which will give long term solutions.

Corrective methods we select from are:


Deep cleansing Viennese High Frequency massage
Skin brushing Vacuum suction
Ozone Steaming Comedone (blackhead treatment)
Microdermabrasion Milia extraction
High Frequency Various corrective masks
Iontophoresis Facial massage
Galvanic desincrustation Ampule induction
Microcurrent treatment Shortwave diathermy


All our one hour specialist facials will be tailored to your skin needs and our diagnostic and corrective methods will leave your skin improved and feeling smooth, clean and bright.

Cost: £68 for a 1 hour treatment

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